me devilI’m a young entrepreneur living in Northern Virginia who enjoys the dying art of good story telling.

In a day where people expect to be given all the facts and details in 150 characters or less yesterday, many of us have misplaced the ability to tell a good story.

My stories are a combination of psychology, philosophy, and a pinch of good old fashion male perspective. My writing takes a conversational tone as I pull you into my thought processes and expand upon choices that I make leading me into unique situations resulting in shining moments of success or profound failure.

If you’re searching for an over embellished and panderingly fictionalized blog whose every story ends in a guy named Tucker high fiving himself in the mirror while he bangs a chick he met at the bar; this isn’t the blog for you.

My hopes in writing this blog are to reach people on a personal level and give someone else a chance to recognize similar situations in their own lives when a single choice makes all the difference. The observations and the conclusions I draw may be a little much for some people to handle, but that’s what makes my stories interesting and why I enjoy writing them.