My Hitler Finds Out Video Goes Viral… Locally

This is not as much of a story as it is a quick update.

Last week I enjoyed the pleasure of seeing a short video I made about a favorite past time of mine find a few  moments in a very small spotlight. The video is essentially my own remarks about the available options for brunch during the weekend. The only reason I really wanted to throw my efforts behind this short video was to supply a quick pick-me-up to a handful of people I knew that used to work at a bar, “Union Jacks,” which recently closed. Although I hardly enjoyed my evenings at that establishment, I’ve yet to find as good of a place for brunch. With $10 bottomless mimosas, a relaxed atmosphere, and a halfway decent menu, I was as pleased as a “pig in shit.” Although it was disappointing to see the bar close, it gives me a chance to look at possible alternatives.

The video is full of themes I’ve wrote about in the past and pretty much everything said in the video has at one point or another come out of my mouth at one point or another. As I’m sure this video will be “old hat” in all of a few days, I encourage you to take a look.

I posted this video on a Monday on my own facebook wall and the walls of a few friends that frequented a bar called A-town. By Friday the video had shown up on a number of websites along with close to 15,000 hits. Oddly enough, even though the video takes a number of let’s just say, low jabs at the bar in question. The owners found the video hilarious and even played it a few times when the placed was packed on both Friday and Saturday nights.

I think my favorite moments from this little thing came from my friends sending me the video and telling me I had to watch it.

My usually response,  “You know, whoever made this video is brilliant.”

I even stopped in for brunch at A-town on Sunday and they were nice enough to hook me up with free drinks, two bottles of champagne, free food, and even a tank-top so I sneak around under the radar. I thought it was a genuinely cool gesture. Turns out that video brought a ton of new Facebook “likes” for their business as well as the highest number of reservations they’ve ever had on Sunday.

Despite the video’s inevitable instantly fleeting popularity, it was actually kind of nice to hear some kind words and positive feedback towards anything I’ve worked on.

Not for nothing though, it still doesn’t have as many hits as my most popular YouTube video that went viral and ended up on a few British television shows and a long list of other websites. With 1.8 million+ hits and a shocking 10.6 million hits on

I even made the local paper… sorta:


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