Networking Quickie

I met with up with a retired Navy submarine commander tonight. We had first exchanged information at a networking event out in Tyson’s and agreed to do coffee and see if we couldn’t come together and help one another. His contract at the Pentagon was ending and mine had ended in March.

We met at a Starbucks and chatted for a little bit. I gave him a handful of business cards for some C level connections I had made at a few aerospace/biometrics companies around the area. They could probably set him up nicely…
And in return, he tried to sell me on becoming a member of his Amway International (a pyramid scheme) team. The job is selling household products to my friends and family… and getting others to then in turn sell for me. If I played my cards right… I could make up to 40K a year he says… Thanks a lot Gary, glad we sorted that out.
Just when you thought you might have a good thing going on, life gives you a little shiner just to remind you whose in charge.

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