This Gym Isn’t Working Out

I was at my gym the other day nearing the end of my workout when I spotted an old friend on the lat-pull-down machine next to the treadmills. I pulled off my head phones and walked over.
“Hey! I didn’t know you came here?” I said back handing his shoulder.
My friend wheeled around and we exchanged pleasantries and small talk for a bit.
“How long have you been working-out here? I’ve yet to see anyone I know in here.” I asked looking around.
“Yeah” he said trying to catch his breath putting his hands on his hips. “I used to come in here pretty regularly, but I’ve been working out after work near my job so I’ve been going to a different place for a while now.”
“You’re not really missing much in this place.” I said slyly out of the corner of my mouth looking around. “The upside is you don’t really have to wait to get on any machine or use equipment.”
“I know!” he nearly shouted while laughing. “There’s absolutely never any attractive women to look at in here! I think it makes the work-out a little more bearable when there is something to look at..”
“Doesn’t it just suck going to a gym that has nothing but dudes and ugly chicks!?” I yelled laughing and rolling my eyes to catch a chubby girl with frizzy curly brown hair and square framed black glasses on the exercise bike only a few feet away. Clearly she had been intently listening in on our conversation and no doubt she was appalled by my statement due to the fact that I was now getting a death stare from her.
My friend, much more polite than me noticed the same girl scowling at both of us and he frantically made an effort to change the conversation but only ended up stuttering in a befuddled fashion for about five seconds.
“Well it’s true!? And you’re not helping the situation.” I exclaimed turning my head completely towards the girl and giving her an equally dirty look.
My friend’s face turned bright red and I started laughing hysterically.
“Straight from the hip.” I said motioning one of my hands like an old western gun slinger.
“Sometimes I really admire you Taylor.” He said with a big smile.
While my face was still a little red I told him we should grab a drink in the near future and we parted ways while the girl put her head phones in visibly pissed off.

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