Web Cam Fail

I had been dating a girl named Corine when I was 23 for nearly a month and things were going pretty well. She was a good partner in crime while I was dealing with some complications life had thrown at me. I was a recent college graduate with a degree in psychology trying to find a decent job during one of the worst years of the recession. At that time, entry level jobs were non-existent especially for recent college grads much less with my degree. Despite having some professional experience work was just hard to come by. Thus I was living at home and trying to work a commission onlyjob that kept me on the road quite a bit. This girl Corrine was a good escape from everything because she was fun, pleasant, and quite the looker.

She wasn’t rolling in cash at the time either, so we spent a good number of evenings staying in or we found ways to get creative with our dates. After a short while we stopped talking because she had a handful issues she also refused to spend money to go out anywhere. I was getting tired of paying for everything. She never seemed to have any money even though she worked a lot and was always buying clothes. One night we were lying around at her condo and we began to talk about money woes. I explained that I used to get drunk in front of a webcam had gotten donations my freshman year when I used to stream mwebcamy webcam at the fraternity house after parties. She perked up when I began to talk about how couples sometimes made decent money just for chatting and getting a little frisky in front of the right people.

Although she appeared skeptical at first, she tilted her head sideways and said, “Sounds like fun, I’d give that a shot, but my laptop is broken.”

I had loaned my old laptop to my dad and threw out the idea of dragging my old webcam with it from my house in Vienna. She was all in; shortly thereafter we were back at her apartment in Fairfax with a big bottle of wine, my old laptop, and the webcam. She opened the wine and poured two large glasses while I began to set us up to cam on the bed in her room. I plugged everything in and it became evident very quickly that something was wrong.

I hadn’t used that lap top in months but I remember it being rather temperamental before I gave it to my dad. Removing the battery, hitting a number of different keys, and even shaking it produced no results; it was obvious my old laptop wasn’t going to work.

“Are you sure your lap top is broken?” I asked Corine

“Yeah, if it wasn’t broken I wouldn’t have to go to the library every day to get my work done.” she said slumping her shoulders with a cute sad face.

“Who’s lap top is on that desk in the kitchen?” I asked with a smirk.

“That’s my roommates, but she doesn’t really like me using it.”

“Really.” I said getting up to take a sip of wine from my glass, “is she home?”

Karina paused and twisted a lock of hair around her finger, “I think she’s on a date,” she said with a bit of a playful smile.

“Ok, let’s use hers.” I said shrugging while placing my glass of wine on her night stand and unplugging the USB webcam.

“Well only if she doesn’t find out.” Corine said sheepishly.

“It’ll be fine! She won’t find out.” I said laughing gesturing towards the door while taking her hand.

Moments later we fired up the roommates laptop in the kitchen and I had the webcam running streaming. I sat in a metal folding chair with Corine on my lap as we started to down glasses of wine while searching through different CAM sites. Within a few minutes we were streaming live footage, canoodling on camera, and chatting with other people online.

The experience can be a big self esteem boost if you ask me. Corine’s last relationship was with a guy that constantly put her down and made her feel like she was worthless; a real douche bag. The whole thing had left her somewhat insecure/slightly broken. So she wasn’t quite ready for all of the incredibly nice and endearing comments people began to make.

The interesting thing about these “caming” sites is that most people write genuinely sweet and surprisingly nice things in a attempt to spur a dialogue with an attractive stranger. This is actually done in an effort to cure them of their own loneliness by eliciting some type positive response from a/an young attractive stranger(s). But if some people enjoy making others smile,. while someone else has a little fun in front of a screen while partially undressed; well it seems like it would be an overall win-win to me. Keep in mind that there are also a good mix of sexual deviants and perverts too but it’s not as seedy as many people think.

Over the next couple hours Corine and I laughed as people showered us with flattery and funny requests while we sipped sweet red wine in our underwear pausing at moments to kiss and sometimes dance with Pandora


radio playing in the background. We were having a blast and often times laughing hysterically nearly knocking our wine glasses over onto the laptop. We took breaks every twenty minutes or so to smoke cigarettes outside on her back porch. During our short cigarette breaks we either danced or wrapped ourselves in a blanket while blowing plumes of smoke into the cool December air. We were having a really good time with each other and I began to remember why I enjoyed hanging with a girl like Corine. Giggling about the hilarity of the circumstance and non-nonsensical goofy-fun-nature of what our night had turned into.

The whole thing was rather harmless but still it had a little hint of voyeuristic ludeness as we were both in our underwear and kissing on cam intermittently. Somehow we lost track of time and just as we had finished off our last sips of wine when the front door suddenly fung partially open. The chain latch held it partially shut tightly against the door frame. Corine’s roommate had come home two hours earlier than we expected.

“Oh shit!” Corine said laughing and trying to whisper, “My roommate is home!”

“No big deal” I said smiling and winking while closing out all the windows on the computer and unplugging the webcam.

“Why is this locked?” Squawked the fat drunk roommate from behind the door.

I watched Corine throw on my sweatshirt and signal for me to go into her room. I took my webcam and sweat pants and scampered off to her room as she undid the lock to let her roommate in.

“What were you guys doing?” She boomed loudly as she got into the apartment. “Were you on my computer?”

Corine fumbled, “We were just… having fun, hanging out-nothing.”

Silence followed as I heard the roommate approach her lap top in the kitchen; a long pause.

“The fuck!?” the roommate squealed. She must have accessed the browser history… sneaky bitch.

“What the fuck?!” She shrieked again.

I’ve got to play damage control as I could tell Corine likely had no idea how to handle this type of situation.

I was in the process of putting my sweatpants on and looking for my shirt in Corine’s room when I heard, “You guys were watching porn on my laptop!? That’s sick, THAT’S SICK! Are you kidding me?”

I dashed out into the hallway and sprung into the kitchen.retard chick

“Ok settle down,” I said entering the kitchen pulling my shirt down and smiling in a goofy fashion while looking at Corines sloppy fat drunk room mate who was now practically hyperventilating and was turning bright red. Corine cowered off to the side of the living room.

“You’re sick,” She yelled at me, “there’s something wrong with you!” she shouted as she walked towards me.

I started to laugh more. “Alright, settle down. Let’s be adults here. We were just having a little fun, no reason to get your panties in bunch.”

“I told you this guy was a perv.” She screeched, “this is illegal, I should report you to the police, what you’re doing is disgusting and it’s against the law.”

“Wait, what are we talking about?” I ask rhetorically, “What is it that you think we were doing. We’re not fucking minors or animals. We were using my webcam on that computer. We weren’t even naked, relax. You have no idea what’ s going on here and you’re making misinformed accusations.”

Get the fuck out of my house you perverted asshole” she screamed coming towards me aggressively.

I straightened up and squared my shoulders, “this is getting out of hand, calm down; if you touch me, I will defend myself.” She stopped a foot away, “Now, I’m willing to sit down and have a grown up conversation with you, but you’re acting like an immature little brat throwing fit. We were just having a little fun on the webcam, it’s not a big deal. I’m sorry we were using your laptop. It’s not like we fucked on your bed or in the kitchen for that matter? Quite frankly whatever we were doing is none of your business.”

The fat girls face got even redder while she furled her eyebrows and gritted her teeth. She turned her head and glared at Corine who was speechless, “Corine, this is illegal! I want this dirt bag out of our apartment right NOOOOOOWWWWWW! Right now! Right NOOOOW!” She screamed out at the top of her lungs as she grabbed her lap top and headed towards her room.

“Hey don’t yell at her like that you fat little shit!” I said raising my voice. “We can talk this out like adults. You don’t have a clue what went on here and you have no right to come in and start trying to judging either of us. Besides, I’ve been drinking, and I’m not in any position to be driving anywhere. Just because you want to throw a child-like hissy fit after you’ve had a bad date doesn’t mean other people should be forced to have a bad night and put up with your displaced anger.”

She turned around before going into her room at the end of the hall, “If you’re not gone in the next five minutes, I’ll have my guy friends come over and they’ll remove you for me, fucking pervert!” She yelled slamming the door. “I knew he was disgusting! Get rid of him Corine! NOW!”

I walked over to Corine who was now expressionless. She had remained pretty much speechless for the entire scenario. “Well hey that was a normal reaction. Are you ok?” I asked putting my hands on her elbows.

Corine mumbled a few words but was practically catatonic as the roommate continued screaming from behind her door.

“So Mom, get this! Corine and that weird fucking guy she’s been dating were watching porn on my lap in our kitchen while I was gone.” The fat roommate swings the door open ambles out into the common area while on the phone with her mom.

“Are you fucking kidding?” I said glaring at this chubby girl parading around the apartment ignoring me while regaling the past two minutes on the phone in front of Corine and me in an attempt to make the situation more awkward.

“Fucking idiot,” I said scowling at the bloated bitch.

I gently took Corine’s hand while she was still in an embarrassed-cadaver-like state and led her back to her bedroom. I shut the door behind us as Corine threw herself onto her bed still expressionless.

“Can we both agree this is stupid, your room mate is being a huge cunt, you didn’t do anything wrong here. We were having fun and everything was great until your room mate came in and turned it into something else and then proceeded to make it weird. I have no desire to have a dialogue with your irrational friend at this time. You didn’t do anything wrong, just relax. This isn’t a big deal.” I said to Corine as her room mate stomped around still throwing a tantrum in the kitchen with her mom on the phone.

“I never should have let you talk me into any of this.” She finally said in monotone.

“Wait What? We didn’t rob a bank? Seriously, this is not a big deal. We were having fun. Nothing wrong has been done here. Can we go directly into laughing about this? So what, we used her computer. I didn’t jerk-off and send a load onto her keyboard?” I said playfully trying to break the tension with some humor.

She rolled over and softly said, “But she’s my roommate and I should side with her. You should go.”

I heard her fat friend raising hell as she continued to scream into the phone, “I know! Then he tries to fight me in the kitchen and says he’s not leaving. I know right?!”

“Look, I’m not even going to pretend this is an issue. Your friend is clearly on a different planet, listen-” I said tilting Corine’s face to look at me. “I can’t leave you here otherwise that chick is going to pour poison in your ear for the remainder of the night after she continues this stupid little guilt tirade. I’ll be made into the devil before I even get out of your neighborhood.”

“I don’t know what to think.” Said Corinne covering her face and turning away again.

“Let’s allow the situation to cool off for a minute. We were having fun and can still have fun,” I said laughing. “You sure you want me to leave?”

She let out a big sigh.

“Corine, It makes the situation far less complicated if I remove you from it and we go elsewhere. Let this loony bitch cool off for a little. I know one of my friends is having people over tonight. It’s only 11:30, we can still get there with plenty of time to make a night of it. I’d feel terrible if I left you alone with that screwball who’s still yelling on the phone in there. This whole situation will be hilarious tomorrow, let’s make a run for it while we still can, shall we?” I said persuasively while standing up and smiling at her.

Corrine sat up and paused, “No, I have to side with her. She’s my roommate.”

I didn’t even know what to say. I didn’t foresee anything good coming out of trying to re-salvage the situation. I wasn’t in the mood to stick around and have a brawl with her room mates guy friends and If Corine wasn’t going to stand-up for herself much less for me, then there’s no chance I would want to continue anything with her after this evening anyway. We got caught in a slightly embarrassing situation, big deal. Accept that you were using your friends laptop for something that she didn’t approve of, assert yourself, and move-on. It was just a shame our night did such a 180 so quickly.

I knew this would be the last time I’d hang out with Corine at that house if I left alone. Judging by her room mates lack of maturity in this situation, I’d imagine she would surely protest me coming back for any future visits; and seeing how minimally Corine asserted herself; there was no chance of a discussion on the matter ever taking place between the two of them. I was still living at home at the time so there wasn’t much of a future for us to meeting up in private. It would probably be for the best. That being said, I had already set in motion my plans for moving to Southern California and would be making the decision to move there within a month anyway. I didn’t have the energy to put into something that I was only going to be able to enjoy for a few more weeks.

I blew all the air out of my chest feeling dejected and sat on the edge of the bed putting my shoes on. “I guess I’ll see you around then. You don’t have to choose one or the other on this one. Come with me for a few hours and let this thing cool off.”


I got up and grabbed my broken laptop, webcam, and sweat shirt. I said nothing as I walked out of Corines’ room and past her roommate who was still on the phone pacing back and forth in the kitchen. As soon as I shut the door behind me I heard every lock being turned and fastened followed by Corine’s roommate yelling from behind the door, “Corine are you fucking kidding? Are you seriously kidding me?!”


I laughed to myself shaking my head as I got into my truck and headed ten minutes down the road to a friend’s house. I pulled up and saw a group of my old friends through the window in the front of the house playing beer pong in their living room. I pushed the front door open and said, “Gentlemen, have I got a story for you.” Thunderous laughter followed as I stepped inside and someone flipped me a can of Natural light.

I wouldn’t end up hearing from Corine until nearly 2 years later, but that’s another story altogether…

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